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General Director of Vasilyev Legal Group, LLC, Andrey Vasilyev took part in Summer School of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).Read more
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Vasilyev Legal Group, LLC

Vasilyev Legal Group, LLC specializes in protection of trademark owners against violations of their rights primarily on the Internet and in non-electronic forms of commerce as well. The most common contravenes are, in particular: unauthorized placement of a trade mark on the pages of websites (social networks, online stores, discounts and coupon sites, etc.), use of a trademark in the advertising of goods / works / services and in domain names (cybersquatting), organization of commercial import and sale of the goods without the consent of the right holder («parallel imports»), illegal placement of a trademark on goods («counterfeit») and others.

Internet is a complicated social phenomenon of modern human history. On the one hand, in Russia it is characterized by scanty legal regulation, the difficulty in using general controls (rules, regulations), preventing of violations, imposing of sanctions, and, as a consequence of all this, a high level of ignorance and willful offenses of intellectual property rights. On the other hand, being in the highest degree extraterritorial, having no need to overcome physical distances, the Internet allows to very quickly identify infringements and take actions against them with an increasing rate of success over time.

The advantages of the Internet are manifested in our work in allowing us to communicate with our customers and provide them with the required services not only in person but also distantly. Furthermore, the Internet has a positive effect on cost optimization. As such, as stated in the Arbitration and the Civil Procedure Codes, the general rule of jurisdiction disputes to the court at the place of the defendant greatly restricts the actions of the plaintiffs in remote areas and forces them to incur substantial expenses for transportation to and accommodations at the place of trial. Modern electronic technologies allow to optimize transaction costs and conduct a case remotely - through the use of videoconferencing systems between the plaintiff`s court and the defendant`s court. Unfortunately, this mechanism works only in arbitration courts system, but exactly these courts judge the major quantity of cases of trademark rights violations.