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Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on ratification of the protocol on Russia’s accession to the World Trade Organization. Read more
General Director of Vasilyev Legal Group, LLC, Andrey Vasilyev took part in Summer School of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).Read more
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Vasilyev Legal Group, LLC

Let us welcome you on the site of Vasilyev Legal Group, LLC. It will introduce our company and the main aspects of our work to you.

Vasilyev Legal Group, LLC specializes in providing legal services to protect intellectual property and mainly — trademarks and service marks, also known as brands. Using our professional knowledge and experience in legal work since 1997, we help owners and licensees, manufacturers and distributors with protection and restoration of their rights from infringements on the Internet and non-electronic forms of commerce, in fight against «parallel» and «gray» importation, counterfeiting, illegal use of trademarks on the pages of websites (social networks, online stores, consolidated electronic trading platforms, discount coupons sites, etc.), in domain names, in advertisements of goods (works, services), etc. «Parallel» imports in current practice stand for importation of goods bearing a genuine trademark, but without the rights holder’s agreement. «Grey» imports are violations of the customs clearance procedure — a false declaration, undervaluation and/or understatement of quantity of imported goods.

For the detailed description of the methodology and ways of providing our services, please visit «Services» page.

Why do our clients choose us?

Regarding the perception of the clients themselves, most common response to this question is: «Reliability, confidence, professionalism and exemplary customer service».

Protection of intellectual property, trademarks and service marks on the Internet is the core legal activity for Vasilyev Legal Group, LLC. The narrow specialization allows us to guarantee perfect quality of services, combined with reasonable pricing.

The crucial goal of Vasilyev Legal Group, LLC is to effectively (successfully and timely) achieve results in the protection of the client`s interests. Сomprehensive practical experience in solving problems at different levels helps us succeed.